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Are you looking to secure your dream rental property and tired of missing out because of the fierce competition in the renter's market?
Are you sick of spending time struggling to put together a complete and credible rental application only to be knocked back?

We’re here to help!

Look no further than MyTenancyCheck - the revolutionary new product from MyBond that helps you jump the application queue!

How it Works

Sign in or
create an account via the MyBond website.
Purchase MyTenancyCheck for $29.00 and use in all applications.
Provide your Australian Drivers License & Medicare Card.
Link your Australian bank account.
Complete and apply - you'll have your report in 1 business day.


What is MyTenancyCheck?

We help you create a comprehensive report, presenting you as a trusted tenant that stands out from the competition. Our 100-point identity check will confirm your banking and income information and our expert analysis will help you put your best foot forward. Meaning your leasing agent can process your application faster.

With MyTenancyCheck, you'll be able to see exactly how a real estate agent views your application.

What about your data?


We take data protection seriously, so all information is encrypted using the latest technology.

Our team will review, perfect your application and send it to you within 1 business day.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and you'll be on your way to securing your dream rental property in no time!!

What you've had to say about MyBond


Fantastic service, easy process. ... staff where friendly and casual when speaking with you which I found fantastic


Was stressing out trying to find the rest of the money for the bond, ... bond paid in 2hours will definitely recommend them 10000%

Linda N

Very straight forward process. ... Definitely recommend for those that might find them in a tight spot with a surprise rental approval.