So you’ve found a rental apartment you really like. Congrats, that’s great! Now you’ve got to put in your rental application and hope you get picked. The process isn’t all luck, though. There are a few key things you can do in order to improve your chances. We’ll give you all the tips we have to make you the ideal tenant for any apartment for rent. Follow our lead and landlords will love you.

Be Punctual and Well-Dressed

The little things can make a big difference. Being on time and being well-dressed are qualities which will give a potential landlord the sense that you are a trustworthy renter who will take care of your rental apartment. They’ll appreciate that you take the idea of renting from them seriously, even though you aren’t their tenant yet. You want to take advantage of these easy opportunities to make a big difference, in case it ends up coming down to you and another person.

Bring All Your Documents

Being prepared is key. Sometimes, you can fill out a rental application on the spot when you view a rental apartment. When you view apartments, you’ll want to bring the following:

  • Your driver’s license (or another form of ID)
  • A pay stub from work
  • A bank statement
  • Your social security number
  • Your checkbook
  • Vehicle registration and insurance
These items will ensure that you can fill out rental applications form with speed and accuracy, so that you can make sure the landlord receives your application as quickly as possible. Plus, your landlord will appreciate that you’re ready and prepared, rather than scrambling for documents.

Make Your Rental Application Stand Out

Obviously, your in-person (or on a call) impression is important, but so is what you put in writing. Read our tips on how to make your rental application stand out from the crowd. After all, this is where your landlord will get the bulk of their information about you, and it’s also something within your control. You can fix it up just right to make sure that you look like the best tenant out there for your landlord’s rental apartment.

Offer Your Talents

If you’re handy at all, good with yard work, or you like to clean, these are good qualities to mention to your landlord. They’re especially great skills to have if you have to negotiate your lease. This way, your landlord knows that you might have something to offer on top of being a great tenant for their rental apartment. It’s an excellent way to set yourself apart from the pack, because other people won’t necessarily have these qualities. Think of what you might be able to offer and make sure to try and sell it.

Be Honest and Address Concerns Up Front

If you know you have weaknesses as a renter, try and address them up front. A great example of this would be having a bad credit score or having no credit history. You can always speak to your landlord about this in person or on the phone. Otherwise, you could attach a letter to your rental application explaining your situation. The important thing is that you bring up things like this at the beginning, rather than hiding them till the end. There are potential solutions––having a co-signer, living with a roommate––so think through your options and come prepared.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Show your landlord that you’re eager to be a good renter by being communicative. Your prompt responses will show a landlord that you’re attentive and won’t be hard to reach as a tenant. Remember, for a landlord, time is money––the longer a rental apartment sits empty, the more money the landlord has to spend to keep it running without making any back. If your potential landlord takes a long time to get through their rental applications, follow up yourself to see where they are in the process. Make sure that if they require any other documents or information to supplement your application, they get what they need as quickly as possible. That way, you’ll ensure you have the best chance of getting the rental apartment.

We hope these easy tips to make yourself an attractive renter will help you get the perfect rental apartment. Good luck!

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