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This helps to protect us from a scenario where you have had a loss on your bond. We can simply take it out of the weeks rent, and any applicable fees. Any funds left after from your weeks rent, will be refunded back to your account via PayId.
Our fee is which ever is the greater of $150, or 2.083% * number of months since the bond was lodged, rounded up to the nearest month. This means if your old bond was $2,000 and your new bond is $2,000. Assuming you don’t have a loss on your previous bond. We will issue you a refund of $350 once your previous bond has been released into our account. If you only receive a refund of $1900 instead of $2,000. We will issue you a refund of $250. As our fee is $150, and then $100 to cover the damages from the previous property. If the loss on the previous bond is greater than the weeks rent, we will hold onto the bond but provide you with a discounted bond purchase price from us. Which will be the damages caused to your old property + $150.
If you need the bond refund we will simply refund the total value of the refund when it is received by us. This is typically 3 days after it has been released by the agent. You will receive an email from the rental bond board when the bond has been release by the agent.
If you have already created the account, we ask that you get your agent to delete the account and re-issue you the link. Once you have received this link please forward this to
We process bond payments two times. Once at 3 pm and 11 am on any given business day.
If you need your bond paid outside of our normal bond processing times additional fees will apply. See below for reference:
Between 3 pm - 5 pm, or between 9 am - 11 am: $50
Between 5 pm - 9 pm: $100
Any non-business day: $150
If you stay longer than 12 months there is a flat monthly fee that is payable. This is equal to 2.08% of the bond value. So if your bond is $2,000, the monthly fee is $41.60.
If you lose some of your bond. Don’t worry, you can simply pay us the difference back on an interest-free basis. This means if your bond is $2,000 and we only get back $1,800 when you move out. You will need to pay us the $200 back.
We do not do credit checks. We don’t think a credit check is an accurate way to show how you treat the property you live in. We have our own proprietary algorithms to determine your risk?
In certain situations we will ask you to provide a guarantor, this is because we have determined that your application is a little bit more risky than what we like. So for us to help you we need someone else to vouch for you. This person needs to be over 18 and have valid photo identification.
Yes, in this case we will prorate our fees. Meaning it will not cost you a week's rent to use our service. To determine how we calculate our fees click here on how do we calculate our fees?
No we will not contact your agent, unless we get your permission to do so first.
We are most definitely legit. Check out our google reviews and our customers love us! If you have concerns feel free to call us on 1300 869 176.
We do support private rentals. As long as the bond is lodged via rental bonds online we can help.
Sorry to hear! We are working hard to roll out across the country. If you need emergency assistance your state will have their own government funded bond loan solution.
You can contact us by email and we will be with you as soon as possible. If it is an urgent request please put urgent in the subject line.

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