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How becoming a MyBond affiliate benefits your business

1. MyBond provides tenants the opportunity to move/ upgrade by:

a) Providing financial freedom of choice

b) Supplying a bond for the new property whilst the old bond is being finalised

c) Providing options to those who never knew they had them.

2. A unique negotiation tool

a) MyBond's service means you can secure the deal over your competition by offering the financial relief we provide

b) Allows you to achieve the highest possible price by saving tenants 75% of their bond

c) Helps reduce vacancy rates –tenants no longer need the time to save for the moving process.

3. Providing security that:

a) The tenant is financial

b) The bond will be paid

c) Your tenant has extra responsibilities to ensure the rent is paid according to the lease property is in a good condition throughout the tenancy and upon vacating

d) Your tenant has not been placed on a black list previously and is of a good nature

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